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James Gragg Family, Seated in front: Jim Gragg and wife Bev Grimes Gragg. Standing left to right: Owen Gragg, Bonnie Gragg (McCloud) (Johnson), Ellett Gragg, Ressie Gragg Sprouse, Virgil Gragg.

Lloyd Edgar and Edna Graham Kisner posing in front of the piano in Frank, W.Va. When Lloyd Edgar Kisner was born on April 9, 1897, in Douglas, Tucker County, West Virginia, his father, Elmer Jackson Kisner, was 28 and his mother, Sidney Ella…

Military Portrait of Lt. Lloyd E. Kisner, Jr. (Dabney) of Frank, W.Va. Son of Lloyd E. Kisner, Sr. and Edna Graham Kisner.

Portrait of Arnie Woods taken in Marlinton at Peerless Art Gallery.

Portrait of Rev. and Mrs. Absalom Sydentricker with Children, Edward, Arthur and Edith in China. Arthur and Edith died of cholera in 1890, within one month of each other.

Portrait of Rev. Hiram Mason Sydenstricker (of Greenbrier County, W.Va.) and Wife Alma Willis Sydenstricker, Hiram was the brother of Absalom Sydenstricker and uncle of Pearl S. Buck

Rev. Absalom Andrew Sydenstricker, father of Pearl S. Buck. Seen here in his later years on steps of his son's house in Lynchburg, Virginia

Portrait of Pearl Comfor Sydenstricker (Buck) as a young woman.

Group photo of students and teacher at Brown's Creek School. View of large group outside in fancy dress clothes. John S. Moore, teacher.

Unidentified family portrait. Older couple with 2 young boys, 4 young women, 4 young men

Portrait of Oscar Nottingham with his wife and baby son Neil

Portrait of the Henry Wooddell Family of Green Bank. Henry Wooddell on left holding Clyde; Mrs. Wooddell on right holding Luther
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