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Portrait of John Lossing and Pearl S. Buck with their Children, daughter Carol and adopted daughter Janice in China

James Gragg Family, Seated in front: Jim Gragg and wife Bev Grimes Gragg. Standing left to right: Owen Gragg, Bonnie Gragg (McCloud) (Johnson), Ellett Gragg, Ressie Gragg Sprouse, Virgil Gragg.

Unidentified family portrait. Older couple with 2 young boys, 4 young women, 4 young men

Portrait of Oscar Nottingham with his wife and baby son Neil

Portrait of the Henry Wooddell Family of Green Bank. Henry Wooddell on left holding Clyde; Mrs. Wooddell on right holding Luther

Portrait of Riley Collins with His Wife and Baby

Unknown family portrait, possibly a Collins Family

Portrait of the Riley Collins Family. Seated: Riley Collins and his wife and young boy, Wilkie Collins. Standing: Will Collins and wife.

Portrait of Five Loggers in the Collins Family. Seated, l-r: Unknown; Riley Collins. Standing, l-r: Elva Ratliff; Will Collins; Waith Collins

Five men in the Collins Family. Seated, left to right: Jim Collins; Ben Collins. Standing, left to right: Riley Collins; Will Collins; Morgan Collins

Portrait of unknown family. Man, woman and baby.

Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wright and Family of Thornwood. Seated at left: Louis Clinton Wright. Seated at right: wife, Bertha Hamner Wright. Standing behind: Bertha's mother, Mrs. Hamner. Children left to right: Louis Page Wright and sister…
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