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Portrait of Emory Adkison's children. Not in order: Nancy Susan Adkison (Broyles, Cochran), Kathryn E. Adkison (Fawcett), Bernice I. (Hodges), Hallie V. (Martin), Lillie M. (Ginn); Lt. Col USAF - Emory H. Adkison, Jr, Preston S. Adkison (RDI US Navy…

Portrait of John Lossing and Pearl S. Buck with their Children, daughter Carol and adopted daughter Janice in China

James Gragg Family, Seated in front: Jim Gragg and wife Bev Grimes Gragg. Standing left to right: Owen Gragg, Bonnie Gragg (McCloud) (Johnson), Ellett Gragg, Ressie Gragg Sprouse, Virgil Gragg.

Unidentified family portrait. Older couple with 2 young boys, 4 young women, 4 young men

Portrait of Oscar Nottingham with his wife and baby son Neil

Portrait of the Henry Wooddell Family of Green Bank. Henry Wooddell on left holding Clyde; Mrs. Wooddell on right holding Luther

Portrait of Riley Collins with His Wife and Baby

Unknown family portrait, possibly a Collins Family

Portrait of the Riley Collins Family. Seated: Riley Collins and his wife and young boy, Wilkie Collins. Standing: Will Collins and wife.

Portrait of Five Loggers in the Collins Family. Seated, l-r: Unknown; Riley Collins. Standing, l-r: Elva Ratliff; Will Collins; Waith Collins

Five men in the Collins Family. Seated, left to right: Jim Collins; Ben Collins. Standing, left to right: Riley Collins; Will Collins; Morgan Collins

Portrait of unknown family. Man, woman and baby.

Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wright and Family of Thornwood. Seated at left: Louis Clinton Wright. Seated at right: wife, Bertha Hamner Wright. Standing behind: Bertha's mother, Mrs. Hamner. Children left to right: Louis Page Wright and sister…
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