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Panelists at the 2nd Annual Pearl S. Buck Seminar on the Quality of Life in the auditoium at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, W.Va. Left to right: Connie Shearer, Home & Family Editor, Charleston Gazette; Ralph Hayes, Lewisburg, student at…

Pearl S. Buck Entering the Hillsboro High School Auditorium in Hillsboro, W.Va. for the "Quality of Life" Seminar. Woman with white purse is Katherine Beard.

Group with Pearl S. Buck for Celebration Dinner at the Marlinton Methodist Church. Standing at far right: Robert S. Jacobson, Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Board Member. Seated, left to right: Marie Leist, Renovation Chair; Pearl S. Buck; Miss Julia…

Marie Leist and Pearl S. Buck at the Birthday Celebration at the Marlinton Methodist Church in Marlinton,W.Va. Left to right: Former W.Va. Governor Cecil Underwood, Marie Leist, Pearl S. Buck, Chef David Sheibley.

Pearl S. Buck at her Birthday Celebration in Marlinton, W.Va. 1971. The party was held at the Marlinton Methodist Church.

Marie Leist Pins a Birthday Corsage on Pearl S. Buck in Marlinton, W.Va. The party was held at the Marlinton Methodist Church.

Film Producer Tad Danielewski, India Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and Author Pearl S. Buck in India. Nehru was an Indian anti-colonial nationalist, statesman, secular humanist, social democrat, and author who was a central figure in India during…

Associate John Anderson (in turban), Author Pearl S. Buck, and film producer Tad Danielewski at an Event in India

Author, Pearl S. Buck (center) with her associate, John Anderson (left) and film producer, Tad Danielewski in India.

Pearl Sydenstricker's graduation picture in the Randolph-Macon Woman's College Annual, "The Helianthus." (Sunflower)

Portrait of American author, Pearl S. Buck in her later years.

Portrait of Pearl S. Buck in Sweden to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. Taken at the Celebration of the Festival of Lights.

Pearl S. Buck at the village of Haitien, near Yenching University, Peking, China in 1934 at the home of Edgar and Helen Snow. Left to right: Helen Snow; Pearl Buck (with hat); H. J. Timberley, correspondent, Manchester Guardian, and his English…

Pearl S. Buck with her adopted daughter, Janice, who she and Lossing Buck adopted in 1925.

Wedding Portrait of John Lossing Buck and Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker. This snapshot was sent to Lossing's parents in Pleasant Valley, NY. On it Pearl, who had never met them, wrote "We look pleased, and we are!!"

Pearl S. Buck seated at her desk in her home at the University of Nanjing shortly before leaving China.
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