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View of flooded section of Marlinton shows the Episcopal Church, Marlinton Methodist Church and the Marlinton Grade School

View of flooded section of Marlinton looking up Court Street, shows the Episcopal Church and the Marlinton Grade School

Color Postcard - View of Marlinton and Greenbrier River from Kee's Mountain

Postcard - Panoramic View of Marlinton. Left, looking north on Rt. 219. Center, looking across the Greenbrier River

Postcard of Northern Camden Avenue in Marlinton. Tree-lined street with houses, one car in the distance on left.

Men with horses on Main Street in Durbin, W.Va. The Durbin Mercantile Company store building in the background.

Panoramic photograph of six women seated in a field of flowers near Knapps Creek in Marlinton.

Street scene in Green Bank, W.Va. Shows store, doctor's office and Green Bank Methodist Church. Dirt streets and wooden sidewalks.

View of Dirt Road through Dunmore, W.Va. Shows church steeple on left, houses, railroad sign and wooden sidewalks.

Postcard Scene of Cass, W.Va. Shows first company houses and orginal company store.

View of residential area in Hillsboro, W.Va.

View of Arbovale, W.Va., taken from the east in winter. Church and store visible.

View of Arbovale, W.Va., taken from the east in the early 1900's. Houses and church visible.

Aeriel view of Marlinton looking north, taken from Key Rocks about 1910. Shows wooded covered bridge crossing the Greenbrier River, the tannery, old hospital, first Presbyterial Church, Hotel Marlinton.

Aerial view of Marlinton, W.Va.southof the bridge on the Greenbrier River. Pocahontas County courthouse at top of photo, construction of Marlinton Grade School barely visible at left.

Small panoramic photograph of 1908 flood along Knapps Creek in Marlinton, W.Va. View of wooden walk on Ninth Street leading to the Pocahontas County Court House. Marlinton Grade School and Marlinton Methodist Church at left. Small number of houses.

Mr. Sydnor's Insurance Office on Main Street in Marlinton, W.Va. Shows the small white building from the back, looking out onto the street with people walking on sidewalk. Mr. Sydnor was once Mayor of Marlinton.

Unknown couple with baby Eleanor Seymour on wooden sidewalk, Fourth Avenue, Marlinton, W.Va. Man is kneeling and an unknown woman is walking to the left. Shows horse with buggy and a freight train in the background.
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