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View of flooded section of Marlinton shows the Episcopal Church, Marlinton Methodist Church and the Marlinton Grade School

View of flooded section of Marlinton looking up Court Street, shows the Episcopal Church and the Marlinton Grade School

Greenbrier River flooding in Cass, W.Va. 1917. Water covering the East Side of Town.

Aftermath of large flood of the Greenbrier River in Cass, W.Va. Shows stores, street and steel bridge.

1908 flood in Marlinton, W.Va. Looking east, the view shows Marlinton Grade School, original Marlinton Methodist Church

Small panoramic photograph of 1908 flood along Knapps Creek in Marlinton, W.Va. View of wooden walk on Ninth Street leading to the Pocahontas County Court House. Marlinton Grade School and Marlinton Methodist Church at left. Small number of houses.

Business district on East side of Cass, W.Va. Following Greenbrier River Flood. Visible landmarks include Cooper's Store and the iron bridge crossing the river
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