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Portrait of Judge Summers Sharp. Twin brother of George Sharp, born in Frost, W.Va.

Elmer Sharp in wooded area with his three bear dogs, a rifle and a dead bear

Students at Green Hill School on Jerico Road near Marlinton. Teacher Harvey Bright is picturer at left. Top row, 2nd from left: Lena Sharp (Bright) married the teacher. Family names of students include McLaughlin, Doyle, Ratcliff, Sharp

West Union School. Teacher, Ellett Smith. Back Row, L-R: Lanie Beverage, May VanReenen, Mamie Vanreenen, Ida Beverage, Clarence Kellison, Sterl Dilley, Albert VanReenen, Clawson Beverage, Neal Beverage, Roy Kellison, Roy VanReenen, Bernard VanReenen.…
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