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Malvina Anne Stulting holding baby Norris Stulting, son of Claude Stulting, in the yard at the Stulting House in Academy/Hillsboro, W.Va.

Cornelius Stulting, Norris Stulting (Claude's son), and Malvina Anne "Doyle" Stulting sitting on the front porch steps of the Stulting House at Academy/Hillsboro, W.Va.

Stulting Family Members standing in front of the Stulting House in Academy (Hillsboro), W.Va. Left to right: Hermanus Stulting; Claude Stulting, son of Cornelius; Eva Stulting; Edgar Sydenstricker, son of Absalom; Grace Stulting; Mamie Stulting;…

Stulting Family Members Standing in Front of the Stulting House in Hillsboro. Left to right: Malvina Stulting, Claude Stulting, Eva Stulting, Clifty (sp) Stulting, Mamie Stulting, Grace Stulting
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