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PRESERVING POCAHONTAS Pocahontas County W. Va. Historic Preservation Archive | Browse Items
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Full view of the First National Bank Building in Marlinton, W.Va. Shows J. A. Hoover's Clothing and Furnishings Store.Flag pole on top of building, men in front of post office and store.

Mr. Hoover and an unknown man are standing in front of the J. A. Hoover Clothing and Furniishings Store, located in the First National Bank Building on Main Street in Marlinton, W.Va. Shows children's clothing, suspenders, shoes and boots in the…

Unidentified man and two women in a wooden wagon on dirt street in front of the McComb Store in Huntersville, W.Va. The top of the Carey House is seen behind the wagon. White house to the right became the home of Harry and Madeline McComb.

Side view of the McComb General Store on Route 39 in Huntersville, W.Va. Owner was Alfred Beckley McComb.

Wilmoth and Kerr Store on Main Street in Durbin, W.Va. H. E. White (left) and J. D. Wilmoth, Owner (right) are standing in front of store.

Section of Main Street in Durbin, W.Va. Lined with business, stores and wooden sidewalk.

A large flock of sheep in front of the S. B. Moore and J. B. "Bryson" Hannah Store in Edray, W.Va. Store originally owned by Fudge McClintic. Moore and Hannah sold to J. W. Warwick in 1900, who sold to J. E. Barlow in 1906 who operated it until his…

Mr. L. G. McClure selling Delco Lights to Barlow-Moore Store in Edray, W.Va. Mr. McClure can be seen in suit standing at left in front of store. His car is parked on the street.

Aerial view of the community of Edray, W.Va. north of Marlinton. Shows farms and houses, The Barlow-Moore Store can be seen in the lower left corner of photo.

Interior view of Meat Market and owners Dick Beard and Mr. Ashcroft wearing butcher aprons in Marlinton, W.Va.

Hillside and Main Street View of Durbin, W.Va. Railroad cars and The Durbin Mercantile are pictured.

Dirt road, wooden sidewalk and stores on Main Street in Durbin, W.Va.

Two stores and herd of cattle on Main Street in Durbin, W. Va.

Front Street in Durbin, W.Va. Store at right is Wilmoth Kerr General Merchandise.

Sarah Schuchat and young Stanley Klein in front of Klein's Department Store on Main Street in Marlinton, W.Va.

J. R. Propst Flour Feed and Groceries in Frank, W.Va. which opened in 1930 and burned in 1964. Owner Eva Propst and customer Roscoe Potter standing in front. J. R. Propst died 01-01-50

Front Street in Durbin, W.Va. Store at right is Wilmoth Kerr General Merchandise.