Photo Diary


Families Identify World War II Servicemen

Preserving Pocahontas Exhibit at Sharp's Country Store - Slaty Fork, West Virginia



Linda Townsend Pentz from Pennsylvania, surrounded by family

recording her father's information in the register of Pocahontas County Inductees.

William Ralph Townsend, of Lobelia, served in the 100th Infantry, Century Division, European Theater.

(Located in photo PHP000601 - May 13, 1943)


Aug. 21, 2013 (Photo by Tom Shipley)




Sandra Parsons, of Huntersville, W.Va. locates her father.

Claude Alfred Stimeling, Jr., of Marlinton, served in the U. S. Army.

(Located in photo PHP000607 - April 29, 1942)


Aug 23, 2013 (Photo by Tom Shipley)




Charles Woods of Slatyfork, W.Va. locates his father and his uncle.

Lloyd J. Woods and Stewart G. Woods, of Woodrow, served in the U. S. Army.

(Located in photo PHP000607 - April 29, 1942)


Aug 24, 2013 (Photo by Tom Shipley)




Greg Galford displays a photo of his grandfather in the County Service Record

Harlan G. Tallman, of Durbin, served in the U. S. Army Infantry

(Entered Service - January 5, 1944 and was a Prisoner of War for 7 months)


Aug 3, 2013 (Photo by Tom Shipley)




Ben Campbell of Dunmore visiting the World War II Exhibit. Mr. Campbell brought with him a group photo of Pocahontas County inductees into the U.S. Army taken on June 5, 1942 which pictures his father, Luther Brown Campbell.

Mr. Campbell identified others in the photograph. They are Raymond Mace, Lyle "Lefty" Meeks, Walker L. Beverage, Neil Delbert Alderman, Dewey F. Sharp, Verlin Adam Irvine and Fred Pugh.

Others inducted that day may also be in the photograph.

They are John P. McNeel of Hillsboro, Berton E. Smith, Jr. of Marlinton, and Henry W. Hefner of Marlinton.

The group left for examination in Clarksburg after the picture was taken.


Oct. 11, 2013 (Photo by Tom Shipley)




Mrs. Eva Warren of Elk Mt. Community identifies her brother, James Wilmer (inset), who served in the U.S. Army.

Her husband, Ray Price Warren, from Buckeye, enlisted in the Army in 1940 and served in the European Theatre

of Operations until 1945. His picture appears in the Service Record published by American Legion Post 50. 

Mrs. Warren is pictured with her son, Ray Warren, Jr., his wife Brenda, and Preservation Officer B.J. Gudmundsson.

(Located in photo PHP000605 circa 1942).


May 16, 2014 (Photo by Tom Shipley)




Ellen Doyle of Mace identifies her uncle, Sherman A. Friel, in a photograph taken grandfather Harvey Bright.

(Located in photo PHP000605 circa 1942).


May 20, 2014 (Photo by Tom Shipley)