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PRESERVING POCAHONTAS Pocahontas County W. Va. Historic Preservation Archive | Browse Items
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Mrs. Jane Sutton Sheets, daughter of Samuel Gillispie Sutton and Margaret Dilley Sutton, near Green Bank, W.Va.

Samuel G. Sutton's Home near Dunmore, W.Va. As it looked about 1923 or 1924. Shows people sitting on the front porch.

Portrait of Samuel Gillispie Sutton (b. July 27, 1913 - d. March 30, 1896) and Margaret Dilley Sutton (b. Feb. 22, 1836 - d. Oct. 9, 1899) in Dunmore, W.Va.

French Sutton and wife, Birdie Pugh Sutton pictured in their later years in Green Bank, W.Va. Parents of Nettie Rachel Sutton Sheets.

Students and teacher at North Fork School in Arbovale, W.Va. Teacher, standing at right, is Rachel Cassell. Back row, l-r: Walker Ruckman, Arthur Sutton, Lillian Sutton, Nettie Sutton. Front row, l-r: Neal Ruckman, Claude Ruckman, Harry Brown, Bertha…

Group of young men and women, some with musical instruments, seated outside near Green Bank, W.Va. Back row, l-r: Anna Conrad, Floyd Gillispie, Fay Woodell, Unknown, Mae Wooddell, Flora Gillispie, Luther Wooddell, Nettie Sutton Sheets. Front row,…

Group of loggers with cross cut saws near Green Bank, W.Va. Shows Odie Wooddell peeling bark from a tree. Standing, l-r: Odie Wooddell, Hoxie Pugh. Seated, l-r: Claude Tracy, Lawrence Conrad, Fred Conrad, Arch Pugh, Clyde Tracy, Willie Sheets. Laying…

Five young people seated on a lawn near Green Bank, W.Va. Left to right: Lillian Sutton, Clarence Flynn, Ruth Hudson (married Glen Galford), Harry Brown, Nettie Sutton (Sheets)

Female members of the Sutton Family. Left to right: standing, Nellie Sutton (Sheets); seated, Hazel Sutton (Phillips); little girl, Virginia Malcolm; little girl, Leola Sutton (daughter of Arthur); standing, Lillian Sutton (Malcolm); seated, Myrtle…

Students and teacher, Mamie Orndorff, at Oak Grove School in Green Bank, W.Va. Back row, left to right: Pearley Sheets, Claudia Galford, Laura Fitzgerald, Myrtle Sheets, Margie Wooddell, Crystal Ashford, Olive Mann, Miss Mamie Orndorff (Brown)…

Portrait of Earl Sutton, in three piece suit, and wife Cornelia Hudson Sutton, in a white gown in Green Bank, W.Va. Earl was a brother of French Sutton

Color portrait of brothers Clark and Robert (Bob) McCutcheon of Green Bank, W.Va. shortly after enlisting during World War II.

Elderly couples, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Asbury Sheets with Rev. and Mrs. Harry Blackhurst in Green Bank, W.Va. Left to right: J. Asbury Sheets, Jane Almarine Sutton Sheets, Lula May Burner Blackhurst, Rev. Harry Blackhurst.

Four generations of the Sutton Family in Arbovale, W.Va. Left to right: Grandpap Sutton, French Sutton, Arthur Sutton, Baby son, Leroy Sutton

Portrait of William (Bill) Malcolm and Mary Pugh Malcolm. Mary Pugh was a sister to Nettie Sheets' mother, Birdie Pugh Sutton.

Five young people seated on the lawn in Green Bank, W.Va. Left to right: Flossie Conrad, George Gum, Lella Ervin, Hoxie Pugh, Mamie Brown

Portrait of Jacob Asbury and Jane Sutton Sheets with their seven children in Green Bank, W.Va. Top row, left to right: Willie Sheets, Gilbert Sheets, Myrtle Sheets and Pearley Sheets. Bottom row, left to right: Delford Sheets, Asbury Sheets (father),…

Portrait of French Sutton and Birdie Pugh Sutton with their five children near Arbovale, W.Va. French and Birdie Sutton are seated. Children, left to right: Hazel, Arthur, Nettie, Lillian and Myrtle.