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PRESERVING POCAHONTAS Pocahontas County W. Va. Historic Preservation Archive | Browse Items
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William Penn's House, with sign above the door, in Pennsylvania

Dew and Lou Waugh standing in yard at unknown location.

Portrait of the Bare Children. Left to right: Elsie, Archie, Lovie and Ruth.

Portrait of Georgia Pearl Carter, Marlinton, W.Va. Born 1899, daughter of Marvin Clark and Levia Jane Gibson Carter. Graduated 1917 from Edray District High School.

Large group attending a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Workshop at the NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory) in Green Bank, W.Va. Group is seated in front of telescope.46 signatures on photograph. 51 people pictured.

Panoramic photo of students and teachers in front of Green Bank Districk High School in Green Bank, W.Va.

Portraot of Samuel Jacob Sutton, son of William A. Sutton and Nancy Gum. Born 1842-June 15. Marrie Rachel France Arbogast 1856-Oct 24 at Green Bank, W.Va. By the Rev J. E. Moore. Died 1922-Jul 8 and buried in Arbovale Cemetery.

Portrait of Rachel Frances Arbogast Sutton, daughter of Soloman Arbogast and Nancy Margaret Nottingham. Born 1846-Nov 18. Married Samuel Jacob Sutton 1856-Oct 24 at Green Bank, W.Va. By the Rev. J. E. Moore. Died 1913-Jul 20 and buried in Arbovale…

Sheets brothers in Green Bank, W.Va. Left to right: James Sheets, Guy Sheets, Orville Sheets

Top of Allegheny Church on the Staunton Parkersburg Pike at the intersection of the GreenBank Road and the Buffalo Mountain Road near Bartow, W.Va. The church was built in 1903

The Buffalo Mountain School which was located on the Jim and Joe Phillips Farm near Arbovale, W.Va.

Gladys and Reva Phillips with a flock of turkeys in a field on the James and Rosie Phillips farm on Buffalo Mountain near Arbovale, W.Va.

The James Phillips Family at their home on Buffalo Mountain near Arbovale, W.Va. Standing, l-r: Bernice, Kyle and Kyle Jr. (Buddy), Flauda Jackson, Josie Sheets, Amos Phillips (Grandpa), Aunt Lillie Phillips, Delbert Phillips, Jim Phillips, Joe…

Portrait of the James and Rosella Phillips Family. Center back: Josie Lee Sheets, daughter of Joe Sheets and Anna Rosella Sheets (Rosie's 1st husband). Left to right: Elva (died 1918), Jim Phillips, holding Kyle; Violet, standing to the left of Jim;…

Home of James and Rosella Phillips on Buffalo Mountain near the North Fork of Deer Creek in Arbovale, W.Va. Mr. and Mrs. Sheets are standing on the porch. The house was built around 1896.