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PRESERVING POCAHONTAS Pocahontas County W. Va. Historic Preservation Archive | Browse Items
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Group of fourteen ice skaters on the Greenbrier River in Cass, W.Va.

Four couples ice skating on the Greenbrier River in Cass, W.Va.

Man and woman standng on icy bank of the Greenbrier River, near Harvey Hevener's house, near Hosterman, W.Va. 2.5 miles northeast of Cass.

View of island in the Greenbrier River at Marlinton in winter.

Snow covered streets in Riverside, above Marlinton on the Greenbrier River

People's Store and Supply Company in Marlinton at the intersection of US Rt 219 and WV Rt 39. Winter scene with horses and buggies; store owner Ira Brill

Eldridge McComb talks to Gibbs Kinderman on WVMR radio about the Winter of 1947