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PRESERVING POCAHONTAS Pocahontas County W. Va. Historic Preservation Archive | Browse Items
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Four men with new cars for sale at Marlinton Automobile in on Fourth Avenue in Marlinton, W.Va. Wm. Abbott, Manager. Hotel, workers in the background. Shows large billboard, date May 23, for Sun Brothers World's Progressive Shows.

Full view of the First National Bank Building in Marlinton, W.Va. Shows J. A. Hoover's Clothing and Furnishings Store.Flag pole on top of building, men in front of post office and store.

Aeriel view of Marlinton looking north, taken from Key Rocks about 1910. Shows wooded covered bridge crossing the Greenbrier River, the tannery, old hospital, first Presbyterial Church, Hotel Marlinton.

Mr. Hoover and an unknown man are standing in front of the J. A. Hoover Clothing and Furniishings Store, located in the First National Bank Building on Main Street in Marlinton, W.Va. Shows children's clothing, suspenders, shoes and boots in the…

Greenbrier River flooding in Cass, W.Va. 1917. Water covering the East Side of Town.

Aeriel view of the logging town of Cass, W.Va. Wide view shows company store, churches, company houses.

Elmer Burner House on top of the hill at left, overlooking a section of the town of Cass, W.Va.

Aftermath of large flood of the Greenbrier River in Cass, W.Va. Shows stores, street and steel bridge.

Western Maryland Train is parked on the track in front of company houses in the lumber town of Spruce, on Cheat Mountain above Cass, W.Va.

Unidentified man and two women in a wooden wagon on dirt street in front of the McComb Store in Huntersville, W.Va. The top of the Carey House is seen behind the wagon. White house to the right became the home of Harry and Madeline McComb.

Side view of the McComb General Store on Route 39 in Huntersville, W.Va. Owner was Alfred Beckley McComb.

Two men and small child on stools, man behind counter, inside Shorty's Restaurant in Cass, W.Va.

View of Cass W. Va. from the east side of the Greenbrier River. Shows foot bridge, old train depot, stores, train cars on track. Company houses on hillside at top of photo.

Camden Avenue looking north from Main Street in Marlinton W.Va. Camden Avenue was original name for Second Avenue. Marlinton Hotel is on right hand corner. Odd Fellows Building is on left hand corner.

Owners J. L. Hogsett and Charlie Caplinger with George Salsgiven in their Restaurant in Marlinton, W.Va. Bank of Marlinton calendar on the wall showing month of November 1912.

The Dunmore Methodist Church in Dunmore, W.Va. The hotel is to the right of the church. Dedicated in 1891 as "Moore Memorial Church, M.E. South."

Homes and buildings in section of Green Bank, W.Va. Methodist Church is visible at top left in photo.

Section of Main Street in Durbin, W.Va. Lined with business, stores and wooden sidewalk.