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PRESERVING POCAHONTAS Pocahontas County W. Va. Historic Preservation Archive | Browse Items
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Allen "Farmer" Blackhurst (in black hat) pouring molten metal in the shop of Mower Lumber Company in Cass, W.Va. Shows three other workers.

Beatrice Blackhurst Sheets, seated on left facing camera, at work in the Mower Lumber Company Office in Cass, W.Va. Shows three other workers.

Unknown man standing beside Shay No. 13 parked at the extract plant of the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company in Cass, W.Va.

Men with drums on loaded flat car in Cass, W.Va. Man on left identified as W. A. "Tweerd" Blackhurst.

Pocahontas Lumber Company Buidling in logging town of Burner, W.Va. Young boys and men in suits are standing by track in front of building. A man can be seen in a hammock on the house porch at top of photo. Burner is on the West Fork of the…

Crew and teams of horses at small saw mill at Clover Lick, W.Va.

Train cars of Campbell Lumber Company loaded with logs on small bridge, Campbelltown, W.Va.

Small unidentified logging camp with crew in Pocahontas County, W.Va. Two women with children at the right of photo possibly are: Mary Malcom with baby; Perry and Bessie Showalter next to and unknown Malcom.

Log camp between Hosterman and Arbovale, W.Va. Shows entire crew with camp workers in front of large camp building, people sitting in upper windows and flag flying on porch.

Nine loggers with felled trees, possibly taken at Olive near Durbin, W.Va. Shows one man sitting on top of pole.

Group photo of loggers at Maryland Lumber Company's Camp No.12 near Denmar, W.Va. First row 3rd from right: Mr. Tabor; 5th from right:A. S. Hoover. Second row 7th from right: Reed Griffith, foreman.

W.Va. Pulp and Paper Co. Camp No. 2 near Cass, W.Va. Shows loggers and camp crew with buildings and team of horses. First row sitting left to right: Cam Rider,Johnny Rider,George Curry,Less Kenison,Ernest Rider,Dently Curry,John Collins. Standing…

Three loggers from Camp 9 with horse team and logs beside railroad track in Northern Pocahontas County,W.Va. Man in black suit standing at back left in photo.

Group of people standing around a train engine belonging to the Hosterman Lumber Company. The boiler on the Climax engine exploded on July 26, 1906 coming across the top of Little Mountain near Cass, W.Va. The explosion occurred behind the Uriah…

Two families with children standing in front of large building at a log camp in northern Pocahontas County, W.Va. Possibly Camp No. 4 on North Fork of Deer Creek.

Winter scen of a portable saw mill on Brown's Creek near Huntersville, W.Va. Shows stacks of lumber and two teams of horses. Pictured left to right: Austin Sharp, Collins, Jim Collins, Joe Webb, Harry Pritt, Ed McLaughlin (holding horse), Luther…

Warn Lumber Company Cutting Timber on Bird Run in Frost, W.Va. Logging crew standing on large felled tree with logs on the hillside.

Warn Lumber Company log camp on Bird Run east of Frost, W.Va. Shows buildings, train track and skidded logs on hillside.

Small log train with five men and three cars loaded with logs in Pocahontas County, W.Va. Possibly on Thorny Creek.